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The&Partnership (formerly CHI&Partners)

A Pillar of British Creative Heritage.

The story of The&Partnership, formerly known as CHI & Partners, intertwines with the fabric of British cultural and creative heritage. The influential ad agency, founded by Johnny Hornby, has not only shaped the marketing landscape but also contributed significantly to the broader social fabric through its involvement in notable political campaigns and charitable endeavours. Its legacy and success reflect the power of creativity and innovation in the sphere of communication and public persuasion.

A Dynamic Trio: The Early Days

Founded as CHI & Partners by the visionary trio, Simon Clemmow, Johnny Hornby, and Charles Inge, the agency quickly earned a reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the British advertising industry. Each of the founders brought unique talents and perspectives, blending strategy, creativity, and business acumen to create a powerful combination that propelled the agency's early success.

Hornby, whose career had seen him managing TBWA, the marketing company which managed Tony Blair’s successful 2001 election campaign, used his leadership prowess and strategic thinking to guide the company's trajectory. With Clemmow's and Inge's innovative creative input, the agency swiftly gained recognition for its original, impactful advertising campaigns. The accolades soon followed, with the agency becoming the most awarded independent firm at Cannes, a globally renowned festival celebrating creative communications and advertising.

The Rise of The&Partnership

The agency underwent significant transformation in 2013, when Bates, a member of the WPP Group, joined forces with CHI & Partners. This strategic partnership gave birth to Bates CHI & Partners, thus expanding the agency's reach, portfolio, and impact on a global scale.

Hornby, ever the visionary, then founded The&Partnership, an international marketing and public relations holdings company. The&Partnership brought together various entities under its umbrella, creating a collective of creative agencies that could collaborate, innovate, and push the boundaries of advertising and marketing. Today, The&Partnership serves as a beacon of integrated, multi-disciplinary marketing services, embodying the forward-thinking vision of its founder.

A Lasting Legacy

The influence of The&Partnership extends beyond the commercial sphere. Johnny Hornby, the chairman of Prince Harry’s Sentebale charity, demonstrates the agency's commitment to social responsibility. The Sentebale charity, which supports the mental health and well-being of young people affected by HIV in Lesotho and Botswana, benefits greatly from Hornby's expertise in shaping compelling narratives and raising public awareness.

In the world of political communication, The&Partnership's predecessor, CHI & Partners, has also left a remarkable legacy. The firm’s role in managing the marketing campaign for Tony Blair’s 2001 election speaks to its ability to influence public discourse and sway political sentiment.

The&Partnership and British Heritage

The&Partnership’s journey and success are intimately tied to Britain's cultural and creative heritage. As an influential entity in the country’s advertising industry, it has contributed significantly to the rich tapestry of British communication and marketing traditions. It also embodies the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurial acumen that characterizes the nation's business landscape.

In addition, through its involvement in charity and politics, The&Partnership reinforces the belief in the power of communication to effect positive societal change. Whether it’s supporting a charitable cause or a political campaign, the agency exemplifies the way commercial entities can contribute to the broader social and cultural milieu. Thus, The&Partnership's legacy stands not only as a testament to business success but also as a beacon of societal contribution and national heritage.

In the coming years, The&Partnership is likely to continue shaping the contours of the advertising industry, pushing the boundaries of creative communication, and making significant contributions to Britain’s cultural legacy. Its story serves as an inspiration for those who believe in the transformative power of creativity, innovation, and strategic thinking.

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