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Jonathan Pie: How Putin Weaponised London’s Greed, 2022

A Satirical Powerhouse in British Heritage.

Jonathan Pie, a fictitious character created and embodied by British comedian Tom Walker, has become an influential figure in contemporary British heritage. Pie’s satirical swipes at the political landscape have not only provided comic relief but also incisive social commentary, prompting discourse on significant political issues and contributing to the wider British tradition of political satire.

A Satirist in a Digital Age

Depicted as a political correspondent, Pie delivers passionate, comic monologues on the current political climate. While these tirades may initially appear as rants from a frustrated reporter, they cleverly lampoon the political behaviours and ideologies of Britain, America, and Australia. These videos, with their guise of off-air moments before or after a news segment, cleverly blur the line between reality and fiction, infusing humour into the often stern world of politics.

The character first burst onto the scene in September 2015, with a spoof news report responding to mainstream media's portrayal of newly elected Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn. Walker's portrayal of Pie swiftly attracted attention from various media companies, including RT UK, with whom he worked briefly before embarking on his performance at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August 2016.

Global Impact and Viral Fame

Pie gained worldwide attention following the 2016 American presidential election when his incisive commentary on Donald Trump's triumph took the internet by storm, becoming a trending video on YouTube. As of early 2020, this viral sensation had garnered more than four million views, marking a significant increase in the popularity of the character.

Pie's international presence further expanded through his role as the London correspondent for the Australian satirical news show, The Weekly with Charlie Pickering. His global reach and influence illustrate the broad appeal of his unique brand of political satire.

Touring and Collaborations

Jonathan Pie's popularity extended beyond the digital realm as he embarked on his second tour, 'Back to the Studio', in 2018. The tour included 45 dates in the UK, five in Australia, and six in the United States, evidencing the character's widespread acclaim.

Walker's collaborations also played a significant role in Pie's development. In 2020, he partnered with environmental filmmaker Franny Armstrong for the 13-minute mockumentary 'Pie Net Zero'. Furthermore, Andrew Doyle contributed to the scripting of various episodes, including the post-US election episode, augmenting Pie's biting political commentary.

Critiquing Power: From Boris Johnson to Russian Oligarchs

In 2022, Jonathan Pie began appearing on The New York Times' opinion page, extending his satirical reach into one of the world's most respected news platforms. His first video compared Boris Johnson with Donald Trump, portraying them as serial liars detached from the reality of ordinary people. Following this initial foray, Pie took aim at Tory politicians accepting donations from Russian oligarchs amidst the backdrop of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The character Jonathan Pie, under Tom Walker's adept guidance, has effectively used humour and satire to provoke critical conversations about politics and societal issues. This successful fusion of comedy and critique not only underscores the role of satire in British heritage but also demonstrates its continuing relevance and power in the digital age. Jonathan Pie's biting commentary, international fame, and growing body of work continue to contribute to the rich tapestry of British political satire, affirming his place in the nation's cultural heritage.

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